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We Believe that You were meant to be healthy Your state of health and wellbeing is a product of how your body has adapted to your emotional, chemical, and physicals stressors that you expose it to on a regular basis. (i.e.: Sleep position, hydration levels, toxic diet, emotional thoughts, and exercise routines just to name a few.) Our current health care system addresses sickness and symptoms by trying to treat and manage them because they believe that the body is unable to heal on its own.

Our team is dedicated to being there supporting you every step of your journey.


The Interactive Approach to Health

In order to obtain health, all aspects of your health must be addressed. With the Interactive Approach to Health experience, we do this by using chiropractic care, the latest technology, and a nutritional assessment to customize a plan that will meet your needs and get you on track to achieving optimal health.

Our Interactive Approach to Health combines very specific spinal adjustments with nutritional recommendations and lifestyle changes to optimize your overall health.


The Healing Experience starts with your commitment to your overall health.


To achieve your optimal health, it is essential that you make the decision to get and stay healthy. You hold the keys to your success. And to help you on your journey, we also offer support for the lifestyle changes you decide to make.


Taking advantage of the Coaching sessions we offer not only provides you with expert guidance to help you succeed but working with a Coach also helps you stay accountable to the goals you have chosen. You can do it! We can help!


For best results, enter into your care with an open mind and a vision of what you want.


There will be a lot of changes in the first few weeks of your treatment.


If you work hard and stay committed you will feel better than you ever thought imaginable. Stay committed and help us, help you.

Meet The Team

Dr Maxwell Portrait

Dr. Randy Maxwell, D.C.

Dr. Randy B. Maxwell hales from Buchanan County, Virginia. He and his family made their home in Princeton, WV in 2006.

Dr. Maxwell earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology in 1993 from Radford University. He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, graduating in February 2006, and began practice with Willis Chiropractic of Princeton in March of the same year.

Dr. Maxwell purchased Willis Chiropractic in September 2012 and expanded to a family wellness practice.

In his past career, he was employed by American Electric Power as an environmental chemist and later was a construction manager before pursuing a career in chiropractic.

“I have been a chiropractic patient beginning as a teenager, seeing help with athletic injuries, colds, and every other mishap in my young life. “

Dr. Maxwell is a husband and father and has most recently been awarded the cherished title of papaw.  He enjoys spending time with his family, enjoying the outdoors, movie nights, date nights, target shooting, and the occasional Nerf gun battle.

When not working with the Alliant team or taking care of his family’s needs, he can be found riding his jeep or practicing carpentry.

Most of all, I love reading the Word of God, being a husband and dad that is a chiropractor.”

Suzette Garrett , Chiropractic Assistant

Suzette Garrett is a chiropractic assistant working with Dr. Maxwell since 2015.

Suzette was born in Princeton, WV, and has lived most of her life in the community, with the exception of a short time in San Diego, California, and Omaha, Nebraska. She moved back to Princeton after her father retired from the US Navy.

She graduated from Princeton Senior High School in 1978 and attended Bluefield State College until beginning a career in management spanning 23 years.

“Be honest, treat others the way you want to be treated, and enjoy every moment as if it was your last is the way I approach life. I feel this philosophy was the attractant that brought me to Alliant Wellness & Chiropractic. Alliant has allowed me to be a part of something bigger than myself and given me a whole new vision of what true health really is. I’m constantly amazed at the results I see in our office and that reinforces my decision to be a part of the chiropractic lifestyle and the mission of our office.”

Suzette is married to Harry Garrett, and has a son named Jason, a daughter-in-law Jayme, and precious grand children Rylee and Boone.

When not helping the Alliant team, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends as well as farming and gardening.

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