Alliant Wellness | Understanding the wellness care approach
Chiropractic is the only healing profession in the world that recognizes that your body has the ability to function at its greatest level, as long as there is no interference to the master control system (the nervous system). Makes sense, don’t you think? A Chiropractor’s job is to locate, and remove any interference to the nervous system. These blockages or misalignments are called VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATIONS. When a spinal nerve is being choked because of a vertebral subluxation, the muscle, organ, or gland that is attached to the spinal nerve cannot receive all of the information that the brain is trying to send to it. A study by Dr. Seth Sharpless at the University of Colorado has shown that brain impulses can be decreased up to 60% by placing the weight of a dime on a nerve. Our bodies cannot react and function properly at 40%.

When a circuit overloads in your house and it “blows”, you go down to the circuit breaker box and check all of the circuits. You examine all of them to make sure they are all in perfect alignment, and when you come to the one that is out of alignment, you simply adjust the circuit and turn the power back on. The body works in the same way. A Chiropractor checks your spine to make sure that all of the vertebrae are in perfect alignment. When a vertebra is out of alignment, called a subluxation, it can be adjusted by the doctor’s hands so that the “power” can be turned back on to the muscle, organ, or gland that the nerve controls. When the “power is on”, that muscle, organ, or gland regains its ability to function at its best or optimum level and your body will start the healing process.